Woodworking Band Saw Machine Manufacturer

Wood Cutting Band Saw Machines - YES-14LH (14")
1.Solid Structure
2.Good performance & High efficiency
3.Rigid & Work Stability
4.Easy to operate
5.Large market

Vertical Band Sawing Machine - YES-380N
1. Motor: 1 HP, 110V
2. 3 speed belt drive 750, 1290, 2800 FPM
3. Precision ground cast iron table 14" x 14", tilts 0 degree - 45 degree.
Band Saw - YES-18LZ
First, for added stability and overall performance, we replaced the aluminum drive wheels with fully balanced cast iron wheels, which are equipped with vulcanized rubber tires. Second, we have added an effective and easy coplanar adjustment that ensures both your wheels are cutting on the same plane, all the time. This spacer/shim adjustment is found on the top drive wheel.
Band Saw Machine - YES-18LD(28-682)
Wheel Diameter: 18"
Saw Blade Width: 1/4"-1 1/4"
Saw Blade Length: 136"
Table Size: 18"*18"+Extension
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