Spindle Shaper, Wood Spindle Shaper

Professional Spindle Shaper - Z Series
1.The spindle shapers designed with simple structure are durable.
2.Powerful motor
3.High quality and competitive price for simply woodworking processing.
Spindle Moulders for Sale, Tilting Spindle Shaper  - YES-36SPT
If you need moulding profiles in hardwoods that you can not find at your local millwork supplier, we think you will find our new 5 HP Tilting Spindle Shaper worthy of your consideration.
Sliding Table Shaper, Vertical Spindle Moulder - YES-36SPS
We've taken our immensely popular shaper ( YES-36SP ) and made it even better! Now you can get it with a sliding table! Shaping long stiles and rails will be easier and more consistent with this production wood shop machine.
G8622 Sliding Table Shaper, Spindle Moulding Machine - YES-36SPTS
If you prefer the tilting spindle option, yes it too can be had with the sliding table! Now, even the most complicated profiles can be done quickly, consistently and safely.