Small-sized CNC MILLING MACHINS with 3 axis

  • YES-830-C2 Small-Sized CNC Milling Machins With 3 Axis
  • YES-830-C2 Small-Sized CNC Milling Machins With 3 Axis
  • YES-830-C2 Small-Sized CNC Milling Machins With 3 Axis
Product Description

YES-1054 Turret Milling Machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Product Feature

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is customized for an object and the machines are programmed with CNC machining language (called G-code) that essentially controls the functions and motions of the workpiece or tool; the input parameters like feed rate, turning spindle on/off, turning coolant on/off, location and speeds.


  1. Efficiency (Save time and money):
    • CNC machines can be more efficient-work much faster, stronger, and do not need to take breaks.
    • Estimated costs and program of production are often very accurate to obtain.
    • Direct and indirect cost of human resources can be saved: One person can supervise many CNC machines as once they are programmed they can usually be left to work by themselves; in the meantime, operators can focus on other tasks.
    • he actual storage requirements can be reduced.
  2. Safety is increased: the only thing damaged will be the tool itself while operation error or other potentially dangerous machining error.
  3. Accuracy and precision: A CNC machine will manufacture each component/product as an exact match so NG goods will be minimized and so will be the expenditure on overhead such as the cost of inspection or wasted material.
    This is very important in the world of standardized and interchangeable parts, where a single defective cut can make an entire machine wholly unusable.
    Besides, CNC machines can lower unnecessary and gross mistakes/carelessnessso that the cutting tools can be used longer.
  4. Simplicity: Less skilled/trained people can also operate CNCs.
  5. lexibility and variety: CNC machines are programmed with a new design/part/ an object which can be manufactured easily and rapidly. Also, they can be completely reprogrammed in a matter of hours to produce a completely different product.