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Iron Casting Processing

In recent years, carpentry machineries have become more and more similar; the competitive advantage depends on the product's ability to recoup cost. As an experienced manufacturer, we have invested years in technical research and development. The major consideration in a product's design, such as cost and functionality, must be carefully planned out in the initial stage of development to achieve maximum performance and cost control. This serves to prevent from wasting resources during final assembly and late stage setting changes. Besides, whenever a product reaches production stage, it is difficult to alter its functionality through design corrections.

The designers of YES have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in researching and working with famous factories in Europe and America, and in developing product from the points of view of the users. We create new demands for clients and bring higher profitability and we believe finding the right product designer will result in greater competitive advantage.

Our main services are original products and customized products.

Recently we have invested in R&D for global name brands carpentry machines. The following is our iron casting development processing.

Client Request →Consultation →Product Development and Design →Sample Production →Sample Verification →Design Correction →Sample Verification →Develop Product Specification → Production →Inspection →Packaging →Quality Assurance →Delivery.